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Here's How You'll Find Your Next Home on Your Mobile Device!

Download the GoMLS app from Google Play or the Apple App Store. 

See step by step instructions below on how to link up with me and get you in the properties that you want to see!


Personalize your GoMLS App to work with Me

Below are some simple steps for us to work together and get searching!  Following these you can easily inquire and arrange showings at the properties you find you like the most!  

Step 1) Is get the app HERE and install it.  Next,...

Download App and Create FREE Account

Once you have this out of the way you will be rolling!

NEXT:  Sellect "Stellar MLS"

You can search all over Florida with this MLS home directory

NEXT:  Tap app navigation bars in the upper left corner

This shows you options to view.

NEXT:  Choose Add My Agent

From here you will be prompted to type in my name, Paul Sutton.  

NEXT:  My name and company appears in the search.

Select.  Simply tap on this.

LAST:  Add Agent

My contact information appears and you simply choose "Add Agent," at the bottom of your screen.  We are connected!  Chat, inquiries, showings!

What will you appreciate about me and my team?

"I will give you more than you expect!"

-Paul Sutton, 30 years of service